"If My Girls Need Food, We Will Not Find It - They Will Die"
"If My Girls Need Food, We Will Not Find It - They Will Die"
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"Years of conflict and mass displacement in Yemen have left children hungry and parents in tears. Seeing your child cry from hungry is a sharp pain in the heart that never stops bleeding for mothers like Umm Leila."
“I cry, I cry so much. I never stop crying. I never sleep.
If my girls need food, we will not find it, there's nothing. They will die from hunger. We don't have money to cure them, no money to feed them."
"My daughters are like this because of hunger. They have no medicine and no food. I have run out of hope. I feel frightened and feel helpless.”
Forced to flee her hometown a few years back by fighting that still rages to this day, she now lives in a rented accommodation with her two daughters Fatima and Nadia, dependent on the humanitarian aid she receives.
To make matters worse, the assistance that Leila and thousands of mothers and children just like hers rely on for their survival is threatened by a critical gap in funding, which has already forced most organizations to scale back its life-saving cash assistance programs over the past few months.
Unfortunately this is a familiar story for displaced Yemenis like Umm Leila and other Yemenis across the war-torn country.
Yemen remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with some 24 million people requiring aid and nearly 2.2 million children that are acutely malnourished. If not treated on time, these children are 11 times more at risk of dying than healthy children.
Then came the arrival of COVID-19, which poses a high threat to distressed people like Umm Leila, given that she and others don’t have any resources to sustain themselves and guard against infection. Most Yemenis live in unsanitary and overcrowded conditions, making both social distancing and regular handwashing impossible.
With only half of the country’s health facilities currently operational, many of those requiring medical attention would be unable to access it let alone afford it.
Dont let Umm Leila and people just like her prayers and hopes go unanswered. Please donate to save Leila’s and other Yemeni’s lives today before they die from help that can be given in just a few minutes.
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